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Guided by: Sri Murali Sir, Arnab Senapati 

Duration : 3 weeks

The Ikat course was guided by Sri Murali Sir, Sri Shankar Sir and Arnab Senapati during Aug 2023. The project aims at learning the traditional craft of Ikat which covers concept building and later transforming it into a main design and co ordinates for the warp, tying, dying and weaving. Taking forward the learnings of double cloth from Advanced Weaving course and combined it to a new technique was an exciting experience.  

Surface Design

Guided by:  Arnab Senapati 

Duration : 4 weeks

The project aims at creating prints in terms of bel, buta and jaal. This covers concept building and later fine tunning the elements until the surface looks balanced. Later the jaal and bel were made into blocks at Pedana for Kalamkari block printed fabrics.


The hibiscus, with its radiant blooms and delicate petals, epitomizes natural beauty. Its vibrant colors, ranging from crimson to pink, evoke a sense of joy and wonder. Each flower, with its graceful form and intricate details, stands as a testament to the splendor of the natural world.

Texture Rendering 
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